Heart Centred Early Childhood Programs

Welcome to Barefoot Early Childhood – a return to the simple joys of childhoods past.  Our name “Barefoot” signifies our approach to early childhood care and education – simple, organic and connected.

A small family owned and loved Centre, Barefoot offers children a home like environment to live, learn and connect in.  We aim to offer attuned, loving and secure connection with every child, giving our families a sense of leaving their children with extended family.

Our playgrounds offer children the original childhood wonderland.  We have our very own teeny, tiny pony for riding, a small farmyard for cuddling little fuzzy chooks and their guinea pig friends, tree houses to explore and build our muscle strength, water play creek bed to float boats and splash in, cubby houses, mud kitchens, kitchen gardens, fruit trees, native bees – the list goes on!

Our curriculum is centred around empowering children with life skills not often taught at school, such as a strong sense of identity and self kindness, the ability to communicate effectively and build relationships successfully, respect for oneself and others, and the capability of of seeing oneself as a key player in the bigger picture. Our hope is to create young global citizens, with an inbuilt desire to care for themselves, their families, their communities and all beings by making conscious choices.

The process of creating such a program requires return to simplicity. Providing children with daily access to nature and responsibilities such as caring for animals, collecting eggs, harvesting produce and assisting in the preparation of nutritious whole foods ignites in children a strong connection with the earth. We see this as a way for children to find value and satisfaction with the simple joys in life, to balance the “instant gratification” of today’s society.

Our curriculum is supplemented with weekly pony riding lessons, art and music lessons and yoga lessons.

We look forward to meeting you soon and having you join our Barefoot family.

With Love,

Nicole and Matt Duncombe.

2019 Fee Structure – including meals, snacks, nappies

0 – 2years – $96.00per day

2 – 3 years $95.00 per day

3 – 5 years $94.00 per day

Approved Kindergarten Program $94.00 per day.



"Butterfly Ball" by Richard Glover 1974.