Our Philosophy

At Barefoot Early Childhood, our wish is that all children are blessed with lives of abundance, opportunity and joy.

We hope that our future generations are equipped with the creativity, resilience, problem solving and communication skills necessary to foster a more harmonious world for all beings.

In order to contribute to a more peaceful world, children must first know how to live peacefully.



We aim to foster this in the following ways.

  • Offering physical and emotional environments that offer a more simple, slow-paced and joyful childhood experience.

There was a time when children played barefoot in the outdoors until the sun set. Climbing trees and getting muddy are memories from childhood we all treasure, but they are memories our children are missing out on.  Time pressures, material excess, safety fears, screen time and structured activities are denying children the benefits that play brings to their physical and mental health.

Providing children with daily access to nature and responsibilities such as caring for animals, collecting eggs, harvesting produce and assisting in the preparation of nutritious whole foods, ignites in children a strong connection with the earth.  We see this as a way to find value and satisfaction in the simple things in life, to balance the “instant gratification” of today’s society.

  • Offering attuned, loving and secure connections with our children and their families.

We will forge strong relationships using mindful connection, genuine sincerity, quality of presence and compassionate communication.

  • Offering an early childhood curriculum that places value on peaceful ways of knowing and being.

Our programmes support the following core principles.

  1. Connection to our earth

Some examples might include:

Respecting our earth and our bodies through providing a chemical free environment, interacting respectfully with and caring for animals on a regular basis, immersing children in eco-friendly and sustainable living and learning practices.

  1. Connection to our self

Some examples might include:

Offering opportunities through our physical environment and programmes for inner quietude and reflection, (yoga, meditation), supporting children’s growth and develop through providing high quality, nutritional foods and encouraging children’s participation in it’s harvest and preparation. Using physical exercise to strengthen our bodies and deal with big feelings.

  1. Connection to others

Connecting to the local and wider community, exploring age appropriate social justice issues (i.e. donating to the homeless) and exploring the importance of our indigenous history.

In summary, Barefoot Early Childhood strives to provide opportunities for children to experience the simplicity and joy of childhood in an increasingly complex world.  Our hope is to empower children to grow into global citizens, with an inbuilt desire to care for themselves, their families, their communities and all beings by making conscious choices.